Dave Sheer Guns is one of the leading distributors of firearms and accessories on the African continent!

It has been in operation since 1974.

In the earliest days it was purely a Gunsmithing operations specializing in the accurizing and modification of competition pistols. Dave Sheer Guns has built up a successful reputation both locally and internationally and some of the innovations have been published in worldwide publications.

As the business continued to grow and expand, we found it necessary to change our focus until our products covered the entire spectrum of the personal, business and security protection fields, offering the following valuable services amongst others:


Handguns, sporting shotguns, hunting rifles, Modern Sporting Rifles, ammunition, security products and accessories.


Repairs, Modifications, Prototyping and customisation


Civilian, Law Enforcement and security personal


Imports and/or distributors of Girsan, Akkar, DM4, Holosun, Maglula, Dillon, Hogue, Xgrip, Double Alpha, Maglastic etc

Law Enforcement

Pistols, Modern Sporting Rifles, body armour, metal detectors and accessories

Dedicated Sports Club

International Firearm Academy recognized

We are always willing to go the extra mile and welcome any customer to visit us and be served by our knowledgeable & friendly salesmen.