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Firearm Retail
We sell a wide range of handguns, rifles, and shot guns.
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Ammo Retail
We sell a wide range of ammunition in all calibers shop online or visit our shop.
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Tactical Gear
We sell a wider range of quality tactical and protective gear procured with your safety in mind.
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Firearm Service and Maintenance
We have been servicing, repairing, and maintaining customers' firearms for over 48 years.
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Join one of our club shoot membership programs today to get access to exclusive membership discounts, range access, and early access to newly launched products, and exclusive club shoot events.
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Competency Training
We provide firearm competency and proficiency training provider under the Firearms Control Act 60/2000 in the Republic of South Africa.
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Shooting Range
Book your slot at our accredited 25m indoor shooting range with six partitioned bays to minimize distraction for your sheer shooting pleasure
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Firearm Storage
We provide firearm storage services
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Dave Sheer Guns is an accredited firearm competency and proficiency training provider under the Firearms Control Act 60/2000 in the Republic of South Africa and will equip you to handle and use a firearm for all personal or business purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have obtained the competency certificate, you can apply for the firearm licence at your local police station. You need to purchase a firearm first before applying. You would have to ask the dealership to produce the application forms (SAPS271). Please make sure the dealership provides a SAPS 350 a with your application form.

Please see below on what you will need to compile together before handing in your application.

  • Two certified copies of your ID.
  • Two certified copies of your Training Certificate with your statement of results.
  • A copy of your Competency Certificate.
  • Proof of address i.e. water/lights/Telkom bill.
  • Proof of employment/ a detailed description of your occupation.
  • Full reasons why you wish to own a firearm (Motivation).
  • Three character references from family and friends, with copies of their ID’s. (police station states only two however we recommend three)
  • Should you apply for a section 15 licenses, a letter from a farmer must be given or the sports club must provide a confirmation letter and the endorsement letter for the firearm, a shot target is recommended to be put in your application.
  • Should you apply for a section 16 licenses, the club you are a part of must provide the confirmation letter, club card, certificate, endorsement letter and a shot target.
  • 1 set of ID-size colour photos (2 per application).
  • Invoice of firearm purchased.
  • Two pictures/photos of your safe inside and out showing it is secured to a fixed wall/floor.
  • A Police Clearance Certificate must be given should you have had any charges.
  • Everything you state in your application must be proven.
  • The responsibility to hand in your application is yours. Fingerprints and interviews will take place at your local police station.
  • R140-00 in cash must be brought with to your local police station in order to apply for license.

Any clothing the only requirement is ear and eye protection

Customers is welcome to bring their own ammunition or purchase ammunition from us.

Our Range offices is onsite to assist first time shooters, firearms can be rented from Dave Sheer Guns and Ammunition is available for purchase onsite.