Celox Nose Bleed (5 Pads per Box)


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The power of Celox is now available in a dressing specifically shaped for nose bleeds. The same highly effective Celox granules used for emergency first aid are bonded within Celox’s Nose Bleed Dressing to provide an effective way to control any type of nose bleed. Each pack contains 5 shaped pads. Pad is easily inserted into the nostril to effectively stop bleeding

For nose bleeds: Fold pad vertically in half and insert into bleeding nostril. Apply fingertip pressure along the bridge/side of the nose. The bleeding stops quickly, with no re-bleed when removed. This product is FDA-approved as an OTC medical device.

Specially Shaped Pads Bonded w/Full-Strength CELOX Granules. Hemostasis in seconds for nosebleeds, minor cuts, needle sticks and Post-Treatment bleeding: Dialysis, IV, INR-Testing. Diminishes need for compression clamps, reduces medical waste. • Powerful, Compact • Effective & Cost-Effective • Easy to Self-Administer CELOX Dressing Quickly Stops: • Nosebleeds • Bleeding due to cuts and scrapes • Post-Dialysis bleeding from and around central venous catheters, fistulas, and graft access sites • Post-INR Test Bleeding • Injections, Intravenous Treatments, Blood Draws