Olight Baton 3 Pro Max (OD Green)


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The Baton 3 Pro Max is a compact, robust and rechargeable EDC flashlight with a side switch that can shine up to 145 meters away. The combination of its powerful LED and the TIR lens gives a tight beam with minimal stray light. The lamp has a high-quality anodized aluminum construction, which not only looks attractive but is also very robust. Furthermore, its textured housing provides extra grip in all weather conditions, its anodized impact ring protects your lens. At the back of the lamp is a magnetic suspension and charging point. Charging is effortless with Olight’s universal magnetic charging cable, it attaches itself and indicates when the lamp is full. The Baton 3 Pro Max comes with a self-adhesive suspension bracket, which allows you to create a suspension point on any desired surface. Furthermore, a three-color LED indicator (green/orange/red) in the switch indicates how much energy the battery still has in the relevant light position, which can be activated by shaking the lamp once. The lamp is also equipped with a distance sensor, which dims the lamp when it detects an obstruction.

Light modes:

  • Moon / 1 lumen / 60 Days
  • Low / 15 lumens / 180 hours / 10 meters
  • Medium / 120 lumens / 23 hours / 32 meters
  • High / 800~120 lumens / 243 + 80 minutes / 83 meters
  • Turbo / 2500~800 lumens / 1 + 240 minutes / 145 meters
  • Strobe / 2500 lumens
  • Light color: Cool White 5700-6700K, 70 RWI
  • Shock and water resistant (IPX8) with a 5-year warranty.

CAUTION Due to its high light output and small form factor, this lamp can become hot. The use of the lock-out function is therefore recommended. Comes with: Baton 3 Pro Max (ORB-217C50), Charging Cable MCC-3, Carrying Pouch, Hanging Bracket and User Manual.