Hornady 32 Auto 60gr FTX Critical Defence 25


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Hornady 32 Auto 60gr FTX Critical Defence 25


Even delivering just this one box of 32 ACP cartridges from Hornady’s Critical Defense line of ammunition to you benefits us greatly. We earnestly believe they’re precisely what you’d want in your EDC if you’re ever put in a grim altercation, so, to put it flatly, knowing you’ve got this ammo means you’re likelier to become our repeat customer!

This cartridge sports Hornady’s state of the art FTX projectile. Its red elastomer tip protects its nose cavity as it enters its target, keeping it clear of debris that would have hampered its ability to expand widely. The FTX is able to reliably find its way to its target as well, as its concentric jacket and uniformly distributed core give it the rotational stability requisite for straight flight.

Nickel plating is always a good touch on a self-defense load’s brass. It enhances lubricity for more effortless cycling, and protects the round against corroding. This round further features low-flash propellant that will preserve your eyesight after having fired one shot in the dark.