Semi-Auto Carbine 9mmP SAR T94 SD A2


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Developed by Heckler & Koch in the mid-1960s, the 9 mm MP5 submachine gun uses the same delayed blowback operating system found on the famous HK G3 automatic rifle. Reliability, accuracy, ease of handling, simple maintenance, and safety — all the elements of HK excellence are highlighted on the MP5. Firing from the closed-bolt position in all modes of fire make MP5 submachine guns extremely accurate and controllable. The SD model also features an integrated suppressor!

Calibre 9 mm x 19 Parabellum
Muzzle Velocity 240 m/sec
Magazine Capacity 30
Length 780 mm
Weight 3250 g
Groove no 6
Effective Range 100 m
Barrel Length 146 mm
Rate of Fire 800 rds/min
Type of Fire Only Semi
Buttstock Fixed