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The N120 rifle powder by Vihtavuori works great in small calibers with light bullets and short barrel rifles, especially in .222 Remington and 7,62×39. Formerly known as N 21, the powder is well-known and used also by the Finnish Army.

The burning speed of N120 is fast in the scale of our rifle powders, slightly slower than that of the N110. Vihtavuori N120 needs higher pressure than N110 to optimize the burning. The grain size is the smallest in our rifle powder family: only 0,8 mm in length and 0,6 mm in diameter. As with our other small-sized powders, this makes the loadability and use in powder measures super easy.

Vihtavuori N120 gunpowder is used by many sport shooters, short-range target shooters, and small game hunters.

Tips from our Pros

– For all of your bird hunting handloaders, try the load of 3,6g / 55 gr FMJ Lapua with N120 load of 1,25 g for .222 Rem. We guarantee it’s a winner!

– Or, for .300 AAC Blackout loads, try 0,68 g of N120 with 13,0g/200 gr Lapua FMJBT bullet