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The N320, formerly known as 3N22, is a fast-burning, porous handgun powder. N320 is one of our most popular handgun powders and can be used for a wide range of pistol calibers from .32 to .45. It is most commonly used by sport and hobby shooters such as Cowboy Action shooters, but as a very reliable gun powder, it is also suitable for authority applications. The powder type is tubular, with grain dimensions 1,1 mm x 0,8 mm (length x diameter), and like all reloading powder, it includes the added decoppering agent. 

Pro load tip – try this!

N320 works nicely for a 9 mm Luger with an FMJ bullet for low-velocity handloading applications that still require accuracy.

Suggested load by our pros:

  • 8,0 g / 124 grain Lapua FMJ bullet
  • 0,26 g / 4.0-grain load (if needed, go down to 0,22 g / 3.4 grains)
  • Cartridge overall length: 29,0 mm / 1.142’’