Warne Base Tikka (all flat tops) Matte


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Warne Maxima steel bases from Warne Scope Mounts help you provide a durable, reliable mount for scopes on your build.

Since 1947 Warne Scope Mounts has been a leader and innovator in the firearms industry for a simple reason: We are committed to helping people improve their accuracy through quality products. A scope and a barrel create two separate lines, after all, and those lines must be kept as close and as parallel as possible without getting jarred or shaken during recoil.

Warne Maxima steel bases are the strongest and most versatile mounting system available today. The simple low-profile design along with steel construction is a significant upgrade from any other two-piece base.

This M932/932M steel base is manufactured to fit a variety of Tikka rifle models. The Finnish firearms manufacturer has a good reputation for creating high-quality rifles with remarkable accuracy. Through the use of premium materials in a CNC machining process that happens here in the U.S., you’ll get precise fitment at a weight that helps keep you fresh while moving and firing. This base weighs in at only 1.7 ounces.

The Maxima Steel Bases are modeled around the popular Weaver design, which is one of the strongest and most versatile mounting systems available today. The low profile of the Maxima Steel Bases give your firearm a sleek look.

When used in conjunction with Warne Maxima QD Rings, the shooter is able to utilize the open sights by looking over the top of the bases without sacrificing the normal shooting position behind the firearm. Maxima Bases also offer a full width recoil slot in each base. This feature allows the recoil control keys of Warne Rings to attain maximum bearing surface.

Fits: Ithaca-LSA 55, LSA 65, Knight-MK-85, BK-92, T-Bolt, Shilen Flat Receiver, Tikka-595/695, T3, T3x – Do NOT order Tikka dovetail rings with base set

Do you have a Tikka rifle? What sorts of shooting activities do you enjoy? Contact us today and we’ll help you optimize your build so that you can gain confidence in every shot.

Steel Strength.
Firearm Specific Fitment.
Designed and MADE IN USA