Warne M-LOK 5 slot rail BLK


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The Warne M-LOK 5 Slot Rail was designed to function as the ideally suited approach to ensure you have a secure base on which to mount your favorite optics or accessory to your weapon. An effective tactical rail can keep your optics safe and prepared for action. Because of the Warne M-LOK 5 Slot Rail, finding a cutting edge tactical mounting rail has not been less difficult. These M-LOK Picatinny Rail Sections from Warne were created utilizing the strong and reliable components you have come to count on from this impressive WarneWarne has been a large part of the tactical industry for a long time, and the Warne M-LOK 5 Slot Rail is the result of their tireless efforts to present you with functional goods to suit your needs. For a fantastic way to verify that you are mounting your optics with some of the best tactical rails obtainable, choose the Warne M-LOK 5 Slot Rail.