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Dave Sheer Guns is the proud home of Riot and Protest’s Accu-Ammo unique ammunition offering a high-standard alternative to other non-lethal products currently on the market. Designed by Chris Erasmus, to hit but not penetrate up to a distance of 40m. with a history of experience in ammunition and weaponry. Recognizing a gap in the market for a safe, accurate, and effective alternative to other non-lethal products, he spent months working on and testing the design for Accu-Ammo. 

The result is exactly, intended having created a round that can hit accurately up to a distance of 40m. Made from a soft rubber round, Accu-Ammo has fins designed to allow the round, to spin through the air on a straight trajectory. Unlike other non-lethal rounds, which hold the risk of hitting untargeted bystanders, Accu-Ammo is accurate enough to hit the target every time. The importance and need for an alternative crowd dispersal have been a long-standing necessity. 

The major disadvantages of other rubber bullets are their high energy and inaccuracy. Riot and Protest Ammunition sought to remove these disadvantages from non-lethal ammunition by designing our non-lethal round.